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About us

We are a company passionate about travel and beauty. Our unique concept combines candles from different countries with fragrances aligned with visited places. We take pride in offering portable beauty products that are natural and carefully selected to provide you with a unique and healthy sensory experience for your skin.

Escencia griega

Our History

PLACES is a candle and soap making project that was born by the travel experiences and life style of a Flight Attendant and Artist who is also dedicated to the flower design. The opportunity of exploring the world by traveling and visiting different PLACES and get to know their people and culture inspired us to create products that can take you into a journey through their most iconic fragrances and ingredients. With our candles and soaps we want to take you into the best scented journey and transport you to those PLACES that maybe you have already visited and want to go back in memories or perhaps just encourage you to put that destination in your bucket list. Each of our scents are inspired and named by our travel experiences and culture interaction with people from around the world.

Flying and designing is our passion and we hope that you enjoy our scents as much as we do. Visit our Facebook and lnstagram pages ARQUELIO'S FLOWER DESIGN like and follow and get more information of our designing products and see all the PLACES where you can scent travel with us. Buckle up and enjoy your scented travels! 

Our products

Explore our selection of travel-inspired candles and portable beauty products. Each candle and product is carefully formulated to provide you with exquisite scents and natural benefits for your skin. Travel with your senses and take care of your beauty anywhere.


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